Gas Cooker Main Door Hinge – MH36

Sector Model Group
Components for Home Appliances – Gas Cooker Components
Product Model Group
Oven Hinges – Main Door – Single Point of Rotation Type 01
Product Family
Item Name
Gas Cooker Main Door Hinge – SP01 Family –Model 43
Item Code


  • Main Body Hot Rolled Steel – DD11
  • Rear and Front Arm Hot Rolled Steel – DD11
  • Spring CB3 UNI 3832
  • Rivets Fe CB4FF & C35 Temp.

  • Electroplating White or Yellow Galvanization
    Min. Thickness 25 Microns

  • 100% Product Checking for Best Functionality
    Springs Imported from Specialized Italian Supplier
    Rivets Imported from Specialized Italian Supplier

  • All Parts Dimension Check During Production
    48 Hr. Salt Spray Test for all components
    Closing Force VS Working Cycles.
    Spring Stiffness VS Working Cycles & Temperature

  • Conventional Gas Cooker 55×55
  • Conventional Gas Cooker 60×60

  • 100 Pcs.

  • MB10, MB11, MB12 and MB13

  • 20.15

  • 20,000 Working Cycle.

  • 0.027

  • -30 C° +115 C°

Additional information


White Bickeled Cold Rolled Sheet meta
lDIN E EN 10111

Color / Finish

Electroplating White or Yellow Galvanization, Min. Thickness 25 Microns

Key Features

All Conventional Gas Cooker with wide range 
60×60 , 60×80, 55×55
Also it can be Customized

QC test

open with three stages
using grease design specially for Gas Cooker applications.
the Spring italian origin treated for high temperature resistance without changing its specification.
all rivets italian origin and treated for high temperature resistant.
have lock to keep the oven door open and separation for service or cleaning
Dimpling for thread location easy install


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