Washing Machine Block Fixation Bracket – VH01

Sector Model Group
Component for Home Appliances – Washing Machine Components.
Product Model Group
Automatic Washing Machine Metal Parts
Product Family
Item Name
Washing Machine Block Fixation Bracket
Item Code


  • Main Body Hot Rolled Steel – DD11

  • Electroplating White or Yellow Galvanization
    Min. Thickness 35 Microns

  • 100% Product Checking for Best Functionality

  • All Parts Dimension Check During Production
    48 Hr. Salt Spray Test for all components
    Profile Checking with Special Jigs

  • Automatic Washing Machine (5 – 9) Kg.

  • 50 Pcs.

  • 11.70

  • 50,000 Working Hours

  • 0.004

  • -30 C° +110 C°



Additional information


White Bickeled Cold Rolled Sheet metal
DIN E EN 10111

Color / Finish

Electroplating White Galvanization, Min. Thickness 25 Microns

Key Features

Auotmatic Washing Machine 14 Program, 18 Program, 7 kg, 500 rpm, 1000 rpm

QC test

fixed dimension
suitable for welding
burr free cuting edges


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